Saint Mark

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Apostle and companion of Saint Peter


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Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church; an avid golfer and enjoyed gardening.
Mark the Evangelist Parish in Plano, Texas and recent president of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers.
The famous androgyny of Burne-Jones's female figures is taken to the point where he uses his regular model Maria Zambaco - a favourite to the extent that he had an adulterous affair with her - as a model for St Mark the Evangelist.
Mark the Evangelist, who died on 24 April 1428, and who ruled in a most praiseworthy fashion for 23 years and 4 months.
The day will be crowned by the Christmas Mass celebrated by Pope Shenouda of Alexandria and the Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy Apostolic See of St Mark the Evangelist, in St Mark Cathedral, al- Abbassiya at 9hpm in Beirut timing.