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United States writer and humorist best known for his novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1835-1910)

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I am obsessed with Mark Twain quotations on the internet.
It was not known at the time that it had been the very place Mark Twain had stayed.
Among the activities are a "Ghost & Gravestones" bus trip to Boston on April 16 and a day trip to the Mark Twain House & Museum, a national historic landmark in Hartford, on April 19.
Zhone Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:ZHNE), a provider of FTTx network access solutions, announced on Wednesday that Mark Twain Telephone Company (Mark Twain) is deploying Zhone's MXK intelligent terabit access concentrator to enable Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) connectivity to its 5,000 access lines in northern Missouri.
THE TOPIC: An autobiography, Mark Twain writes, " .
Rather than calling Mark Twain an "eloquent and outraged atheist," as Maxwell Geismar claimed in 1970, Joshi concludes that "Twain was as close to being an agnostic as it is possible to be without actually stating any definite doubt of God's existence" (15).
The public buying a book by Mark Twain expects to get a book of a certain type.
Holbrook started doing his Mark Twain show in 1954 and has been performing it, in constant variation, almost continually since then.
Dan Vogel's Mark Twain's Jews is predicated on a simple question, one I had posed in 1996: Was Mark Twain an antisemite?
Phipps argues that Mark Twain led a full spiritual life.
is the author or editor of several books on Mark Twain.
In Mark Twain & Company, Leland Krauth offers to move beyond biography per se--"boyhood joys and terrors .
Mark Twain wrote that, I've heard--probably in between fly swats somewhere on the Mississippi, sometime in July.
Mark Twain went to Hawaii in 1866 and wrote a series of letters published in the Sacramento Union newspaper that provided the first observations of Hawaii for most Americans.
Mark Twain and Company: Six Literary Relations, by Leland Krauth.