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United States abstract painter influenced by oriental calligraphy (1890-1976)


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On the other hand, like Greenberg, Rubin was interested in Sobel at least in part because her status as a primitive made her a more compelling muse for Pollock than what Greenberg and Rubin saw as the alternative--that fellow Abstract Expressionist Mark Tobey had influenced Pollock's all-over painting.
Pollock, David Smith and Mark Tobey reveal how this cross-cultural
One gallery is devoted to Northwest artists, from the venerable (Mark Tobey) to the up-and-coming (Nancy Mee).
Free talk: Art historian Prudence Roberts talks about Morris' work and his connections with artists Kenneth Callahan and Mark Tobey at 6 p.m.
Artists included in this column are Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, Guy Anderson, Doris Totten Chase, Mary Randlett and others.
Born in Nebraska in 1923, she studied with Mark Tobey in the 1940s and has resided in Spokane, Washington, since 1948.
As a result, he is much less known than such Northwest contemporaries as Mark Tobey and Kenneth Callahan, with whom he shares a similarity of vision in his most developed paintings.
Students who are interested in this approach to painting should look at work by such modern artists as Piet Mondrian, Mark Tobey, Joan Miro and Francis Picabia.
He and the others - Mark Tobey, Guy Anderson and Kenneth Callahan - were known not necessarily for a style of painting but for a philosophy that combined Eastern religious beliefs and an appreciation for the natural world.
A feature on the most significant Northwest Coast artist at the time, Mark Tobey, begins, "The West Coast looks over the Pacific and beyond to the Orient--and so a West Coast magazine of art begins by honoring Mark Tobey." In an interview, James Johnson Sweeney, a former director of the Solomon R.
One was the Canadian, Lawren Harris, the other was the American, Mark Tobey.
An atelier mystic, a la Mark Tobey or Morris Graves?
I also showcased international artists: Piotr Kowalski, Etienne-Martin, Auguste Herbin, Mark Tobey, Louise Nevelson.
For instance, if he looked at what the Americans had been doing, might he not have known Georgia O'Keeffe's New York views of the 1920s, with their skyscraper grids of staccato beeps, not to mention Mark Tobey's scintillating city scenes, such as Broadway (ca.