extramarital sex

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sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

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So when Liezel returned to the Philippines, she filed a case against Ruben for violation of the VAWC law particularly his marital infidelity which she alleged, constitute psychological violence.
The purpose of this article is to provide a framework for understanding the unique character of Christian marriage and to propose a response to marital infidelity that is consistent with that framework, which we have called covenantal forgiveness.
From a single mom running herself into the ground while working eight jobs, to a married couple struggling with financial infidelity and marital infidelity. The stories told during the 10-episode first season will strike a chord with viewers and make them reassess the way they're handling their household.
Addressing listeners on her radio show "Wa Ento Besehha Wa Salama" (While You're in Good Health), Raja'a said that marital infidelity has been on the increase in recent times.
He and his lawyers, while acknowledging marital infidelity on Cosby's part, have consistently denied allegations of sexual misconduct.
Reasons including marital infidelity, poor communiA[degrees]cation, job loss or financial strain, religious and cultural differences, lack of social and emotional support, unrealistic expectaA[degrees]tions, social media, sexual incompatibility, and child-rearing problems have all been cited as just some of the causes leading to marital discord and to the eventual dissolution of marriages.
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jirani, the judge at the endowments and inheritances department in the Ministry of Justice in Qatif, attributed divorce occurrences to many reasons, including the lack of Shariah awareness (25 percent), presence of organic and sexual diseases (5 percent), frequent travel and absence from home (5 percent), financial inadequacy and failure to meet the wife's needs and leading luxurious life (20 percent), technological progress and social networking issues (20 percent), marital infidelity (15 percent), polygamy (10 percent) and absence of equity and justice between wives.
Mia's father, Joseph, is increasingly distant as he stokes his career ambitions and engages in marital infidelity. Above all, fragile X syndrome haunts the family after Mia's sister Alice gives birth to a second son with this intellectual disability.
But both science and the emotional momentum are abandoned for soap opera as the focus moves to marital infidelity and Hawking's growing international celebrity.
His staunchest fans have dismissed the assault accusations that have dogged him for years while they overlooked his admissions of marital infidelity. For them, his image remains snugly aligned with that of Cliff Huxtable, the gentle, all-knowing husband and father he played on "The Cosby Show'' as a champion of family values who, 20 years earlier, broke TV's color barrier with his 1960s series "I Spy.''
Becca Voelcker, 23, from Garndolbenmaen near Porthmadog has created a series of images, entitled There are Black Dogs in Town, which document posters advertising a private detective agency specialising in investigating marital infidelity in Tokyo.
Since then, he has publicly committed to becoming a better husband and father and turning away from drinking, gambling and marital infidelity.
Many of those who will be voting in South Carolina today frown on marital infidelity, but they disapprove of the media even more.
The 14-time champion hasn't won a title since revelations of marital infidelity last year.
The 25-year-old England star cannot go with them because of footballing commitments and Coleen, by allowing him to stay home alone, is demonstrating that she now trusts her husband after his marital infidelity came to light.