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a member of a rural Finnish people living in eastern Russia

the Finnic language spoken by the Cheremis

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Many of these pieces are interconnected with the research and ideas Mari generated for his book Funzione della ricerca estEtica (The Function of Aesthetic Research), 1970, which deals with the "project of aesthetic research, that analytical process that, through exemplifications and models, tends toward the clarification of language and its purposes." In particular, Progetto 923, Struttura 923 (Project 923, Structure 923), 1968, and Progetto 1167, Atlante secondo Lenin (Project 1167, Atlas according to Lenin), 1976--the latter a work done in collaboration with the Italian poet Francesco Leonetti--convey Mari's interest in the cognitive structures that shape awareness.
The zoomed-out camera lets viewers see the whole picture as they would during a stage production--Keone and Mari passing a single rose back and forth as they alternate between intricate footwork and seductive slow dancing.
"We dress the Mari up because we want her to look her best when we visit the houses," explained Mick, who has been involved in the event for 10 years.
When Mari and 17 year old daughter Lily eventually arrived three weeks ago, it's fair to say she was a bit gobsmacked when I told her that her sister, her two best friends from schooldays and members of my family were all flying over and that she had just two weeks to sort out the dress, the rings and of course, Mari being famous for her sky-high beehive, her hair-do."
The Directive's requirements of EAC include Article 7 on the creation, maintenance and revision of an effective Major Accident Prevention Policy "designed to guarantee a high level of protection for man and the environment by appropriate means, structures and management systems"; Article 8 on the prevention of 'domino effects' from any nearby major hazards; Article 9 the obligation to properly update its statutory Safety Report -- in this instance after the arrival of the munitions at Mari in 2009.
Jess Robinson as Little Voice (left) and Beverley Callard as Mari Hoff in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.
I moved out of my last house two months ago as it held too many sad memories of the time I spent there with Mari.
Danny KillBride, director at trac:Music Traditions Wales said: "Mari Lwyd (meaning Old Grey Mare), is traditionally a New Year celebration to pass the marking of the dark days of winter and welcome the spring.
Mari's debut crime novel, The Murder Wall, features deeds most foul, opening with the discovery of a dead priest and a girl in a Corbridge church, the latter arranged "like a macabre sacrifice".
So it was salvage ethnography of a kind that brought me to wait in Na Bolom's main courtyard on a chilly February morning in 2009 while someone in the front office rang for Beti Mijangos, a friend from the old days who worked with Mari for over thirty years.
Mari joined GHP Legal as a paralegal in early 2017 and was later offered a two year training contract with the firm.
Oil and Gas Exploration Companies - Mari Petroleum Company Limited - Wellhead gas price incentive along with PKR depreciation and lower exploration cost lifts 4QFY19 EPS to PKR 61.98, up by +64%YoY