margin call

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a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement


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To keep a check on leveraged trades, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority allowed the brokerages to sell client shares if they don't cover any shortage in margin within two days of a margin call.
We welcome the court's ruling that the defendant must repay monies owed on a margin call since 2008, and its findings that the defendant's allegations were contrived and without merit and based on fabricated evidence and false testimony.
They also have the security of knowing they will not have to pay margin calls to brokers.
TENSE Margin Call unfolds over 36 nail-biting hours
The financers, including non- banking finance companies ( NBFCs) and stock brokers who arrange funds for promoters, offloaded huge volume of pledged stocks due to a margin call sending share prices down, market analysts said.
Given the subject matter, Margin Call could easily have become a dull tale of financial jargon.
Margin Call is a solid and serviceable financial thriller, shot in the washed out palate of currently trendy Scandinavian film and TV and with echoes of All The President's Men.
Margin Call not only redresses the balance but manages to be a cracking thriller along the way.
MARGIN CALL (15) Verdict: IF YOU'VE ever been fired or know someone who has or is possibly about to be, then the first 15 minutes of this new movie will send huge shivers down your spine.
Summary: Stars including Demi Moore, Paul Bettany and Zachary Quinto hit the red carpet for the New York premiere of their new movie Margin Call.
As part of DM Edge, the company's derivatives margin management service, the improvements will provide clients with a fully automated system that facilitates the entire margin call and collateralisation process, improves reporting capabilities and reduces operational risk.
It is also important that the firm you trade with has your up-to-date contact details, as they may try to contact you say regarding a margin call.
All it takes is one day's fall to trigger a margin call, as thousands of investors learned, to their regret, in the cruel month of April.
For a start, management could have investigated other funding choices, such as standby loans or cash or near-cash reserves to meet some of the margin call obligations.