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an account with a securities brokerage in which the broker extends credit

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The evidence indicates that margin debt borrowers borrow more and buy more stocks in their margin accounts as stock markets rise, and sell stocks in their margin accounts to reduce their margin debt when stock markets decline.
During the event, the participants were taken through an overall introduction into the securities industry, and discussed the servicing and maintaining of customer accounts, equities, the fundamentals of debt, exchange markets, the over-the-counter market, margin accounts, basic option positions and economics and securities analysis.
Brokers should also open separate margin accounts for clients who are interested in getting this service from brokerage companies.
If regulators did not take action, there would only be a handful of routes to market for suppliers, and smaller, high margin accounts would disappear as the multiples moved into the high streets and suburbs, he warned.
Cook adds that the compensation committee should establish policies for stock transactions by senior officers and directors, bar loans to executives for purchasing stock (except for third-party guarantees) and ban use of company stock for collateral for margin accounts.
Margin accounts are for sophisticated investors who are actually borrowing money from the brokerage to purchase securities.
The motion for heard the recent examples of decline in regional agencies, such as Spotlight and Campaign Concepts, and the tendency for regional advertising to be high turnover and low margin accounts.
Yang blames investors, many of them novices, who have been purchasing securities using margin accounts _ that is, borrowing money from their brokers to buy stock and using their investment as collateral.
Stocks trading below $5 can't be traded in margin accounts, and conventional market wisdom holds that stocks priced above $25 tend to discourage individual investors.
In our July 23rd letter, we alerted you to the fact that Ahmed Hussein, a dissident member of the Quality Systems Board, and a shareholder in the company who has proposed a slate of director nominees to take over seven of the nine seats on our Board, pledged all of his shares of QSI as collateral in margin accounts in flagrant violation of QSI's insider trading policy.
Portfolio Margin Accounts Free Up Capital for Opportunities As They Happen
They requested more ways to access their margin accounts and we listened.
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Now, to execute that strategy, they no longer have to go through the process of setting up margin accounts or covering margin calls-they can simply trade ProShares.
1 percent of the total shares outstanding, all of which are held as collateral in margin accounts maintained at several financial institutions.