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WHEN Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 General Election, union leaders including Arthur Scargill must have rubbed their hands in glee.
Elsewhere, a separate counter-campaign has been set up to get the 1979 song I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher by the punk group The Notsensibles to No 1.
Margaret Thatcher divided a nation even after her death, while Princess Diana united one.
Conor Burns, a close friend of Margaret Thatcher, has said "the hatred that burns in the hearts" of those celebrating her death is a "tribute" to the former prime minister.
Lindsay Duncan's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher was utterly mesmerising.
"Margaret Thatcher did a lot for England, but I'm not sure she did much for Wales, what with the miners and everything.
BBC2 controller Patrick Holland said: "Margaret Thatcher defined her age like no other leader since the war.
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher walks through the wilderness of barren land at the old Head Wrightson's works, Thornaby, in 1987, Right, on the same visit
Labour MP Frank Field had entered Parliament in 1979, the same year Margaret Thatcher defeated Jim Callaghan's weakened Labour government following the "winter of discontent".
Whilst the programme may well have been re-broadcast in the 1990's that period could hardly be described as "the height of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government" since that lady was replaced as leader of the Conservative party by John Major in November 1990 and from the moment that parliament was dissolved as a prelude to the 1992 election she ceased to be an MP.
MARGARET Thatcher may not have been everyone's cup of tea but some of the vitriol and glee directed towards her following her death was distasteful to say the least.
| SIR - The dismissal of Chris Herriot as a Labour Party candidate for offensive comments about Margaret Thatcher shows that David Cameron was right about the party's tendency for knee-jerk reactions ("Poll ban after attack on Thatcher", Oct 7).
The family of Margaret Thatcher gathered in London yesterday as her ashes were laid to rest.
EDDIE Sanders hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the bizarre Christian beliefs of Margaret Thatcher.
I'M sick of hearing from Margaret Thatcher's acolytes how she united Britain when, in fact, she divided it more than at any time since the English Civil War.