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Keywords: Intracranial hypotension, Marfans syndrome, Dural tears, Orthostatic headache, Cranial MR imaging.
Tests and an inquest showed he died of a syndrome we never knew he had." They revealed the former Haybridge High School pupil, who was nicknamed Dime, had Marfans syndrome. Sally added: "They only gave a name to it in 1990 but when you look at some of the symptoms it makes sense.
Exactly which syndrome your doctors are considering is difficult to judge, but I wonder if it may have been Marfans syndrome? It is worth asking the doctors what it is they are thinking.
Ten-year-old Molly suffers from a genetic condition known as Marfans Syndrome and has a steel bar permanently fitted to relieve the pressure on her lungs and assist her spinal development as she grows.