Marfan's syndrome

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an autosomal dominant disease characterized by elongated bones (especially of limbs and digits) and abnormalities of the eyes and circulatory system

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And when she was moving out, Humble started taking pictures of her carrying Tupperware boxes to her car, bizarrely claiming it proved Rachel did not have Marfan's syndrome and osteopenia.
Most often, dural ectasia in Marfan's syndrome is subclinical and asymptomatic, however, large dural ectasias can be symptomatic.
They have said he had a heart attack but with Marfan's Syndrome it is normally the aorta that ruptures.
They were 99% sure I had not inherited Marfan's syndrome.
In patients without Marfan's syndrome, an ascending thoracic aneurysm usually has been repaired when it reached 5.
At the aged of 11, he was diagnosed as suffering from Marfan's syndrome, a heart defect that carries a risk of damaging the fragile aorta.
Produced by the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications at NLM, the site provides in-depth information on dozens of genetic conditions, such as Marfan's syndrome, as well as other conditions with a genetic component, such as breast cancer.
This may have been related to an inherited condition called Marfan's syndrome, which has been suggested, but not confirmed since her death.
A MARFAN'S Syndrome is a disorder of collagen and elastic tissue of the body.
Genetic factors involve family history and the presence of certain heritable connective tissue disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan's syndrome, neurofibromatosis, and polycystic kidney disease.
My sister's son died suddenly in his early 20s from Marfan's Syndrome.
A father of four said his family was denied life insurance after he told the salesman he and two of his children were afflicted with Marfan's syndrome, a rare genetic disease which sometimes leads to a rupture of the aorta.
Three groups of geneticists have identified the gene for Marfan's syndrome, a potentially fatal disorder thought to have afflicted Abraham Lincoln.