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the chief Babylonian god

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When Cyrus conquered Babylonia, Marduk was the most influential deity in Mesopotamia.
His traveling companion and old friend, Melchior, called the Father of Fathers Mihr, while others referred to Him as Bel, Marduk, Zeus, or Mylitta.
In the Babylonian case, for example, Marduk commands the lesser gods to honor him, and they build a temple somewhere in the heavens away from us inferior beings.
Babylon's soaring, pyramid-shaped Temple of Marduk is thought to have inspired the tale of the Tower of Babel, while their conquest of the Kingdom of Judah in the early sixth century BC led to the deportation and exile of the nation's Jewish population.
He was a follower of the Mesopotamian moon god, Sin, worshipped at Al-Ula, whereas the official god of Babylon was Marduk.
There are black metal bands like Dark Funeral (Vobiscum Satanas [Metal Blade 14173, 1998]), Dissection (Storm of the Light's Bane [Nuclear Blast Records 6129, 1996]), and Marduk (Plague Angel [Candlelight 167, 2005]), who are every bit as serious in their commitment to the dark side as their Norwegian brethren.
This Saturday finds Swedish black metal band Marduk at Cardiff's Millennium Music Hall, which seems to be cornering the market in the capital's heavier gigs.
Greek and Roman Apollo, Babylonian Marduk, Indian Vishnu, gods of what?
But the roots of this maliciously evil western dragon appear fairly early on in the lands of Mesopotamia in particular, where the fourth tablet of the Babylonian Enuma Elish describes Marduk battling and eventually slaying the mighty Tiamat.
In the museum's BP lecture theatre the audience will hear--with music, pictures and lines spoken in Babylonian--the myth which 3,000 years ago was recited in front of the statue of the god Marduk by the high priest of Esagila, the main temple in Babylon," storyteller Fran Hazelton explained.
The Tower of Babel has more secure foundations in reality, as it was almost certainly inspired by a ziggurat called Etemenanki, dedicated to the god Marduk.
Nebuchadnezzar II, characteristic of a politician, a great military ruler and empire builder and with due reverence to the great god Marduk and his priests, decided thereon to publish for posterity a personal eulogy and a description of his architectural achievements so that "Mankind might gaze upon them in wonder".
When the god Marduk commanded me to provide just ways for the people of the land in order to attain appropriate behavior, I established truth and justice as the declaration of the land, I enhanced the well-being of the people.
Specifically, in the creation myth of Enuma Elish, (77) the gods form such an assembly in order to elect Lord Marduk, the leader or "champion of the gods," who goes on to defeat their powerful enemy, Tiamet, and create the known universe, including the first slaves--human beings.
Stephens, LB Isacc Ocampo, DB Chris Fierro and PK Marduk Cano, have lots of returning speed.