Mardi Gras

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the last day before Lent

a carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent) but especially in New Orleans


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In addition to the Mardi Gras Hangover, the theme park will introduce a new Mardi Gras festival debuting in late summer.
Most famous places where Mardi Gras is celebrated: Although the carnivals at New Orleans, Louisiana, and Rio de Janerio, Brazil, draw the largest number of tourists from across the globe, the festival is immensely popular in Germany (as "Karneval"), Italy (as "Martedi Grasso"), Trinidad (as "J'Ouvert"), and Mexico (as "Martes de Carnaval").
The history and tradition of the King Cake make it a special part of Southern Culture and our appreciation for food and family," commented Clegg, "I want to share this time perfected recipe with everyone who can't be here with us to celebrate Mardi Gras.
On Saturday, February 6th, HarborWalk Village will host the 8th Annual Mardi Gras Parade on the Destin Harbor.
Mardi Gras Florida-style is an explosion of colour and sounds in a wonderfully surreal, sun-drenched environment - with 1.
Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Party With Andy Cummings and Swingabilly Lounge, 9 p.
Scott Davies, head of the committee, said: "Lisa has been instrumental in the success of the Cardiff Wales Mardi Gras going from a project to a fully established charity in its own right.
ON THE WEB See a video of Saturday's Mardi Gras in Beaumaris at www.
Capitaine, Capitaine, voyage ton flag Allons se mettre dessus le chemin Capitaine, Capitaine, voyage ton flag Allons chez l'autre voisin Les Mardi gras se rassemblent une fois par an Pour demander la charite (2)
Marriott International Inc (NYSE: MAR), a US-based company that owns and operates hotel properties, has announced a Mardi Gras Mambo Offer for meeting planners that book an event at New Orleans Marriott at the Convention Center, in New Orleans, US.
Louis distributor, Lohr Distributing, are again teaming up to help prepare local concessionaires for the annual Soulard Mardi Gras celebration.
WE would like to visit New Orleans when Mardi Gras is being celebrated in March next year.
Melbourne, January 28 (ANI): Thousands of people will drop their layers next year to pose for a mass shoot for the Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.
The Virgin Blue Airlines Group said today that it has signed a four-year agreement to sponsor the New Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia.