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United States political philosopher (born in Germany) concerned about the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and modern technology (1898-1979)


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Her ability to maintain and nurture her interior vision supports the Marcusian notion that the psyche is a place where the memory of and desire for liberation can be preserved.
During her marriages to Logan and Joe, Janie's interiority is a safe space from each man's domination while she waits for a love that replicates the Marcusian memory of the pear tree and its bodily pleasures.
Can a Marcusian conception of memory as a repository for liberatory physical and psychic receptivity and pleasure counteract the gender oppression detailed by Benjamin coupled with the racial fictions exposed by Hurston?
Tobe Hooper or George Romero or David Cronenberg or Brian De Palma matter to him singly as directors almost as much as his Marcusian psycho-social interpretation of the symbolic substratum of the horror genre's cycle in the late 1960s-early 1970s.