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United States political philosopher (born in Germany) concerned about the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and modern technology (1898-1979)

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Funke's edited work, The Great Refusal: Herbert Marcuse and Contemporary Social Movements, delves into the historical roots and social theoretical foundations of the recent resistance through a Marcusian lens.
Marcuse, while acknowledging his indebtedness to the author of "Being and Time," protested the silence of his teacher even with the murder of 6 million Jews.
A la luz de los argumentos sobre el sentido de la ciencia en Weber, y de los rastreos de la evolucion social y de la razon efectuados por Marcuse, Horkheimer y Habermas, veremos a que fenomenos particulares responde esta situacion y como ella misma contribuye a elaborar discursos en torno a lo social bajo parametros sociologicos de una parte y teorico sociales de otro.
In contrast to what some critics characterized as Fromm's "at times very aggressive antiZionism and anti-Israelism" (129), Herbert Marcuse did not hesitate to express his "personal, though not only personal, feelings of solidarity and identification with Israel," because he could "not forget that for centuries the Jews belonged to the persecuted and oppressed; that not too long ago six million of them were annihilated.
Sicola has gotten such a raw deal," Marcuse told WIPL.
PJ: With Herbert Marcuse, you actively contributed to the 1968 student uprising in France.
Marcuse, one of the chief OSS Europe experts, explicitly stressed that by joining the U.
I use the concept of one-dimensionality, elaborated by Flerbert Marcuse, to unpack key documents within the Merida II Initiative, and the United States Northern Command (USNORTFICOM) and the United States Southern Command (USSOUTFICOM)--two umbrella entities which organize and execute homeland defense and civil support missions for Mexico and Central America, respectively.
En "Herbert Marcuse y el espiritu neorromantico de la protesta", escrito por Juan Maria Sanchez-Prieto (3), se analiza el origen romantico del pensamiento de Marcuse y de la revolucion cultural del 68.
It would be fair to claim that no invention in history has changed human beings as dramatically as digital technology and this immeasurable flow of information across a boundary-free world has created a global society, which I would say is pretty redolent of the one Herbert Marcuse was promoting.
Creo que fue Marcuse el que, en su libro El Hombre Unidimensional recordaba aquello de que la multiplicacion de canales no es sinonimo de libertad de elegir, sino que es sinonimo de la capacidad del poder de multiplicar sus mecanismos de control de la conciencia.
In Walking the Green Tiger, however, Canadian film producer Gary Marcuse documents the efforts of Chinese journalists, environmental activists, and farmers who worked together to prevent an enormous hydroelectric dam project on the Upper Yangtze River.
The unsuspecting reader of this article may be led to believe that the human body consists of 90 percent bacteria by weight," Dietrich Marcuse e-mailed.
In particular, Breitbart exposes Herbert Marcuse as a major culprit in the culture's intellectual disintegration.