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United States political philosopher (born in Germany) concerned about the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and modern technology (1898-1979)

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Declassified in 1975 and 1976, the documents presented in this volume were written by Neumann, Marcuse, and Kirchheimer between 1943 and 1949 for the Central European Section of the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).
A discursus on utopia follows, beginning with Georg Lukacs and Ernst Bloch on expressionism and proceeding to Marcuse.
Given that we are in the midst of a technologically mediated reorganization of the social relations of sexuality, then what of Marcuse today?
During the same decade, his friend Herbert Marcuse became an intellectual guru for the New Left movement.
It would be fair to claim that no invention in history has changed human beings as dramatically as digital technology and this immeasurable flow of information across a boundary-free world has created a global society, which I would say is pretty redolent of the one Herbert Marcuse was promoting.
It has become taboo to describe homosexuality as a "perversion," though this was precisely the word used in the 1960s by the radical philosopher Herbert Marcuse (who was praising homosexuality as an expression of dissent).
Hook queried Horkheimer and Marcuse about what doctrines are dialectically true but scientifically false or scientifically true yet dialectically false.
The first approach is traceable to the Marxists Kapelush (1925) and Marcuse ([1934] 1968).
Influences in the twentieth century include Frankfurt School theorists such as Benjamin and Marcuse as well as the surrealist movement.
Ernst Bloch, William Morris, and Herbert Marcuse each get their own chapter.
ABP812) A Turn to DIY Names During Economic Slowdown - Ivan Marcuse - Northcoast Research Holdings, LLC.
He read Marquand and Cozzens, not Marcuse and Hoffman, but even as a proud bourgeois elder he took his stand with the shaggy kids in the streets.
Marcuse actually saw the limitation of needs as essential to the process of socialization.
When Herbert Marcuse could express alarm at the efficiency with which rationalized society could absorb, transform, and redirect forms of revolt into products for consumption, he had barely scratched the surface of the manifestations of such rationality in the era of global capitalism.
Modern dancers Pearl Primus, Anna Sokolow, Willa Jo Zollar and Judith Marcuse are profiled.