Marcus Terentius Varro

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Roman scholar (116-27 BC)


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1) Marcus Terentius Varro, De Rer Rusticum (London: Loeb Classical Library, 1934), 2:364 5.
A study of the linguistic theory of Marcus Terentius Varro (Amsterdam: Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science, Series III: Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 2).
Other outstanding figures of the Ciceronian period are Julius Caesar, notable for political oratory and vivid military narratives; Marcus Terentius Varro, who wrote on topics as varied as farming and the Latin language; and Sallust, who opposed Cicero's style and espoused one later imitated by Seneca, Tacitus, and Juvenal.
Roman savant and writer, next to Marcus Terentius Varro the most learned Roman of his age.
This type of satire was introduced to Rome by Marcus Terentius Varro in his Saturae Menippeae and was further developed by Lucian, who raised Menippean satire to the level of art by his broad, fluent, and seemingly effortless command of the Attic Greek language and literary style.