Marco Polo sheep

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Asiatic wild sheep with exceptionally large horns

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falconeri whereas Marco Polo sheep was limited to KNP Blue sheep to Shimshal and Soqtarabad; Ladakh urial to lower reaches of Karakoram and western Himalayas.
All of these plant species are palatable and favorite for many protective species, such as Marco Polo sheep, Ibex (Qureshi et al.
A report issued by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in 2007 estimated that over 200 Marco Polo sheep remained in the Big Pamir region of northeastern Afghanistan, down from an estimated 500 in the 1980s.
The rare and magnificent Marco Polo sheep and other large, endangered animals such as snow leopard were presented as gifts to high-ranking Red Army officials, hastening the species' decline.
Once you've accomplished these things, perhaps your dream will extend to Alaska, or Africa -- or even to Asia for Marco Polo sheep.
The reserve is also home to the ibex and the rare Marco Polo sheep.
35% of the residents responded that Marco Polo sheep and argali bear significance for them; 26% of them believe that the animals are environmentally significant; 6% of the population said that they are important for future generations.
Aside from the Marco Polo sheep, several types of rare birds are also unique to the Pamir Mountains, said Sims, the WCS chief.
The New York-based group has worked in the region since 2006, protecting a myriad of wildlife including the Marco Polo sheep and the ibex.
Truthfully, the Marco Polo sheep was an animal I never expected to hunt.
For some it might be a Marco Polo sheep, bongo, perhaps a mature whitetail buck, 30" mule deer, or monster bull elk.
The magnificent Marco Polo sheep live at the highest altitudes and have the longest horns of any sheep.
The official reportedly extorted $15,400 bribe for permissions to shoot 5 heads of Marco Polo sheep and 8 heads of Siberian mountain goats in addition to the fixed state duty for hunting permissions.
Stone sheep country now charge about as much for Stone sheep as it costs to hunt Marco Polo sheep in central Asia.
GPS collars were put on two mountain Marco Polo sheep in spring 2014 in order to track migration of wild ungulates in Jety-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region, said Rita Tynayeva, a spokesperson for the forest and biodiversity management project of the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ).