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a region in central Italy

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Following our story on the Bon Marche quest, Eileen Measham and Eileen Cater - both born in 1930 - stepped forward to help the womenswear retailer celebrate its 30th birthday.
Il prone une approche juridique du marche, qui place l'economie dans un role complementaire par rapport a la regle de droit, lorsqu'il s'agit de mettre en oeuvre celle-ci.
Tout pres d'Al-Ataba al-Khadra, au Caire, le plus fameux marche " El Kanto ".
Le marche allemand a accuse, en revanche, une baisse de 15,91% en arrivees, alors que le marche italien a recule de 14,33% en arrivees et de 26,56 en nuitees, contre des baisses de 12,82 et de 11,73% respectivement pour le marche francais, de 12,42 et de14,98% pour le marche saoudien et de 9,31 et 9,08% pour le marche belge.
The third edition of Marche Endurance Lifestyle successfully concluded recently in Italy's central region of Marche, attracting almost 500 personalities from the UAE.
The brand of La Tavola Marche and the property are separate transactions - so you can take the name brand with you to any location in Le Marche.
Mr de la Marche said: "Pieces of the jigsaw are rapidly coming together, and we are finalising the business plan in readiness for action.
Jean La Marche refers at one point to 'the importance of subject research in architecture' and obviously intends his book to be a contribution to the furtherance of that research.
seating for the $100-a-person preview, which includes live entertainment by the Marche staff.
Continued Bennett, "Metro Marche is an excellent addition to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
En ce qui concerne les legumes, les supermarches senses representer une part de marche de 79% (3,4 milliards de dollars), tandis que les legumes nature representent 55%.
While assuring all assistance to the delegation, Buamim thanked the visiting Director General of Marche Region for his invitation to visit their Chamber of Commerce and hoped Emirates airline would start direct flights to the region which will further help boost trade ties between the two sides.
In a European context that was strongly downward, the price quotation on the Marche du Porc Breton was very disrupted this week", Marche du Porc Breton said.
This new function fulfills the wish of many millions of visitors to marche.
Held up early, Marche de Paix accelerated well on the very heavy ground in the straight and was not hard pressed to beat Sky Risks and Begueule.