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Accordingly, the small order Blasiales is now considered sister to all other marchantiods and the Ricciales the most highly reduced and in many respects, the most derivative family of Marchantiales. Strong selection to both reproduce rapidly and provide maximum protection for gametangia in the Ricciaceae (Schuster, 1992) was accompanied by evolution of exceptional desiccation tolerance and ability to colonize disturbed areas ("weediness").
Monoplastidic meiosis has been reported for 3 of the 5 orders of Marchantiopsida; Blasiales, Lunulariales, and Marchantiales. Blasia, which is of paramount importance because molecular phylogenetic studies show it to be sister to all other marchantioids, has a unique mechanism of meiosis in which quadripolarity of deeply lobed sporocytes is determined by both premeiotic bands and plastid polarity (Brown et al., 2010).
Leyenda: Contributions to the bryophyte flora of the Argentina (Lunulariales, Marchantiales, Marchantiophyta)
Monoplastidic meiosis in Dumortiera hirsuta (Bryophyta; Marchantiales).
(Marchantiales, Aytoniaceae), a species new to the European bryophyte flora.