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Distribution of novel cyclic bisbibenzyls in Marchantia and Riccardia species.
Marchantin A, a cyclic bis(bibenzyl ether), isolated from the liverwort Marchantia emarginata subsp.
Synergistic cytotoxic effect of the microtubule inhibitor marchantin A from Marchantia polymorpha and the Aurora kinase inhibitor MLN8237 on breast cancer cells in vitro.
In central parts Eriophorum vaginatum, Marchantia polymorpha, and Pohlia nutans and in marginal parts Bryum spp.
Marchantia polymorpha turned out to be a significant indicator species for the greenhouse (mainly fertilized) peat blocks, whereas the indicator species for the non-fertilized peat blocks were Betula spp.
and the mosses Marchantia polymorpha, Pohlia nutans, and Bryum spp.
Transformations of the pleiomorphic plant MTOC during sporogenesis in the hepatic Marchantia polymorpha L.
1990) to search for arachidonic acid in two South African mosses and a liverwort: Amblystechium serpens, Brachythecium implicatum, and Marchantia parviloba, respectively.