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French mime famous for his sad-faced clown (born in 1923)


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"I'm not sure, especially standing in a room with Marcel Marceau, that I'd call myself a true mime," he admits.
MASTER Mime legend Marcel Marceau died last week; PUPIL: Jack Walsh
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Marcel Marceau; A rodent; The brain; 1920.
She studied at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama and Marcel Marceau's International School of Mime in Paris.
3 but hoping to carry on through the new year at 740-seat Theatre on the Square, which welcomed back veteran French mime Marcel Marceau in a successful run this summer, is "Higher and Higher." Previously titled "Inspiration," the gospel-themed revue charting African-American musical history toured Europe for six years; the S.F.
Will they have a minute's silence at today's SPL games for the late Marcel Marceau?
I COULD tell Marcel Marceau had died by the reaction in my local boozer.
As the great French mime artist Marcel Marceau would understand, we were almost lost for words.
WE are grateful to reader David Sharp, of Cambuslang, for the information that BBC News 24 reported that Marcel Marceau died "quietly in his sleep".
FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday led the tributes to mime legend Marcel Marceau, saying: "France has lost one of its most eminent ambassadors."
But dad (Johannes Flaschberger, who trained with Marcel Marceau) isn't going to make it easy for her.
A mime artiste who was taught by the legendary Marcel Marceau will travel to Wales this summer for his first professional performance in the UK.
A YOUNG mourner weeps silently in a final farewell to Marcel Marceau.
Peter, in this fabulously illustrated volume, traces pantomime back to the Ancient Greeks and the Romans who used the word to refer to what we understand as mime of the Marcel Marceau variety.
A couple of Ayatollah head-taps and the French will think he's the new Marcel Marceau.