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French artist who immigrated to the United States


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When Medalla made the first in the series in 1961, it was lauded as the first 'auto-creative' sculpture, drawing praise from no less than Marcel Duchamp, who created a series of sculptures he called 'Medallic Object' in honor of the Filipino artist.
A cloud of meaning--and latterly misinformation and cliche--always descends on the artist Marcel Duchamp.
During the winter of 2008, the city of Buenos Aires hosted the first exhibition devoted to Marcel Duchamp held in Argentina, meant, essentially, to commemorate the artist's nine-month sojourn there in 1918-19.
(12) Duchamp's close friend and frequent chess opponent Henri-Pierre Roche later declared, "At that time, Marcel Duchamp's reputation in New York as a Frenchman was equaled only by Napoleon and Sarah Bernhardt." (13) Duchamp had willingly left France to escape the pressures of the war and, according to Roth, "Duchamp's choice of America in 1915 was the right one for a man obsessed with the making of his own image, the perpetuation of that image, and the total control over its reading." (14) Shortly after his arrival, Duchamp found a collection of personalities in the circle surrounding the wealthy art collectors Walter and Louise Arensberg who understood and perhaps even contributed to his peripatetic shifts of identity.
A urinal became art in 1917 when Marcel Duchamp turned one on its side and titled it Fountain
1887 Marcel Duchamp. French painter who founded a movement named Dadaism, to contradict established art.
It reads: "I'm not f**king Duchamp but I love p**sing with you" - a reference to Marcel Duchamp's famous 1917 urinal Fountain sculpture.
"The picture hangs on the wall like a rifle or a hat." This statement might well be attributed to Marcel Duchamp, the 'originator' of the readymade, if one were to hazard an educated guess, but it is in fact from the introductory pages of Martin Heidegger's 1936 essay "The Origin of the Work of Art" ("Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes").
Just as in the spatially evocative photograph Dust Breeding by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, dust extends its gravitational pull towards decay and death.
ART: DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture features more than 150 works from the gallery's national collection, including Salvador Dali's Lobster Phone and Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.
They include selections from the Screen Tests series, four-minute portraits of people including Lou Reed, Marcel Duchamp, John Cale and Edie Sedgwick.