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United States pianist and composer of operas and musical plays (1905-1964)


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In addition to Hemingway, John Ferno, Helen van Dongen, Irving Reis, Marc Blitzstein, and Virgil Thomson all labored individually and together under the creative and brilliant direction of Joris Ivens, selecting and integrating the film footage, "the noises and the music" and even Hemingway's "scribbled" words and his "own voice." Only after this collective effort did Hemingway and the other members of the production team have a finished product--or as Hemingway so aptly quips: "Afterwards when it is all over, you have a picture." Documenting and analyzing the nature of this collaboration thus offers interesting insights into how Hemingway's personal, political, and aesthetic motives for making the film fit with those of Joris Ivens and the rest of the production crew.
"Marc Blitzstein." Marc Blitzstein: Musical Theatre Premiers.
The most prominent other members of this circle include Marc Blitzstein, Paul Bowles, Leonard Bernstein, and David Diamond.
The "bio" part of this bio-bibliography of American composer, lyricist, and music critic Marc Blitzstein (1905-1964) consists merely of a three-page biographical essay and a brief family genealogy.
Also on hand are the harried composer Marc Blitzstein and the urbane actor Martin Gabel.
Pianist Anthony Seddon accommodated everything from arias to songs from the shows in great style, positively relishing the jazzy inflections of Marc Blitzstein's title I Wish It So and the subtle tone colours of Russell Pascoe's folk ballad Black-eyed Susan.
In the early 1930s, for example, a group of young composers and musicians--including Marc Blitzstein (author of the musical "The Cradle Will Rock"), Charles Seeger (a well-known composer and musicologist, and father of folk singer Pete Seeger) and Aaron Copland--formed the "composers' collective" to write music that would serve the cause of the working class.
Murdered in 1964, aged 58, by three sailors he'd met in a Martinique bar, Marc Blitzstein is not a household name.
Set in 1936, it concerns the making of Marc Blitzstein's eponymous musical of greed, unionism, and, alas, hope.
The Cradle Will Rock is both the name of a left-wing musical written by Marc Blitzstein in the 1930s and, strange as it may seem, a Disney-produced movie that tells the story of the artistic milieu from which the musical emerged.
The FBI dossier on composer Marc Blitzstein read, "Wears mustache, horn-rimmed glasses, elongate, elongated slightly hooked nose, soft-spoken, theatrical mannerisms." If Blitzstein couldn't conceal his ethnicity, his brains, or his, um, mannerisms, he did manage to dwell successfully in two closets: He was privately a homosexual and secretly a communist.
Bowles is indexed dozens of times; Welles--despite being mentioned alongside Marc Blitzstein (indexed dozens of times)--lacks any citation of his own.
Bernstein's (and nearly everyone else's) seemingly contradictory assessment of Blitzstein can be found in Howard Pollack's magisterial and revelatory new 600-page biography, Marc Blitzstein: His life, His Work, His World, a biography which follows (and surpasses) Eric Gordon's earlier 600-page well-researched, enlightening, and pioneering study of America's first (and perhaps only, to date) major Jewish-Communist-gay COM poser (Mark the Music: The Lift and Work of Marc Blitzstein [New York: St.
Opera Nova Scotia produced two lively classics May 28, pairing John Gay's 1728 The Beggar's Opera with The Threepenny Opera, the Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht 1928 take on it (in Marc Blitzstein's English adaptation).
I'm not running this show!") Caesar also features original music by Marc Blitzstein. As dessert, there's a parody of Othello starring John Cleese and a collection of truly appalling puns, none of which can be blamed on Shakespeare.