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Likewise, placement of Marattiales in the current results [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 2 & 4 OMITTED] as sister group to the leptosporangiate Filicales + Hydropteridales agrees with traditional systematic interpretations (Gifford & Foster, 1989).
Epidermis y estomas porociclociticos en Christensenia cumingiana Christ (Marattiales).
We choose two earliest diverged orders (Marattiales and Equisetales), which positioned relatively close to the common ancestor of ferns and seed plants, as well as two core leptosporangiates orders (Polypodiales and Cyatheales) (Figure 6) [26, 45].
Chemotaxonomy for naturally macerated tree-fern cuticles (Medullosales and Marattiales), Carboniferous Sydney and Mabou Sub-basins, Nova Scotia, Canada.