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a member of a people of India living in Maharashtra


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Speaking to ANI, president of Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha, Aba Patil said, "The government has given reservation to the Maratha community, but youth aren't receiving any benefits from it.
Sherfane Rutherford of Bengal Tigers hits a boundary during the third place playoff tie against Maratha Arabians.
Since the Maratha reservations come under a new SEBC category, they will not affect the existing quotas for Scheduled Castes, Schedules Tribes and Other Backward Classes (SC/ST/OBCs).
A policeman and four others were injured as protest for the Maratha quota turned violent in parts of Maharashtra yesterday.
Maratha raiders constantly challenged the Mughal grip over the Deccan
His two overs, which were worth 1 for 14 as Maratha Arabiansdefended 130against Punjabi Legends on Saturday, were crucial to earning a semi-final place for the side.
The veteran player jolted the Maratha Arabians line-up with his three stunning deliveries, defeating Arabians by 25 runs.
Pakhtoons team set the target of 122 runs for the Maratha Arabians.
Maintaining the Sena's stand for a special Assembly session on the Maratha reservation issue, Thackeray took a dig at Devendra Fadnavis saying, " The CM has said he will give reservation to the Maratha community.
It showcases Hindu supremacy in a very convincing manner though Bhansali bends corners here and there and takes liberties with history to mould the narrative into a film that glorifies the Maratha legend with cinematic romanticism.
171) gave its approval for 16% reservations for Maratha community (roughly 32% of the state's population and in addition to the Kunbi Marathas, already included in the list of OBCs in Maharashtra) and 5% reservation for 50 backward Muslim communities (roughly 10.6% of the state's population, and in addition to Julahas, Momins, Ansaris, Rangrez, Telis, Nakkashis, Muslim Kakar, Pinjaris, Fakirs, etc.
The film, which starred Kajol and Shahrukh Khan - one of the most popular and loved on-screen couples of Bollywood,- completed its 900 weeks of a successful run on Friday at Maratha Mandir Cinema in Mumbai.
Googling a runner Argaum 2.10 Stratford The battle near Madras, India on November 28 1803, which was won by the British under the Duke of Wellington against the forces of the Rajaha of Berar, backed by the French, ended the second Maratha War.
In 1761, the "father" of Afghanistan, the great Pashtun leader Ahmed Khan Abdali/Ahmed Shah Durrani defeated the Maratha army at Panipat, in Haryana State, about 120 kilometers north of New Delhi.
Retired professor Ray (Calcutta U.) describes the Maratha Empire in the city of Cambay during the century before the British East Indies Company gained control of what is now all of India.