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The superior performance of Altera's Stratix series of devices enable the Maranti CoreSTOR network storage controllers to deliver I/O processing rates that are unmatched in the storage industry," said Gary Archer, senior product manager, Maranti.
With the Maranti storage controller, integration and scalability are never issues, and there is sole source responsibility, offering the end-user a "single throat to choke," in the unlikely event of a problem.
Maranti CoreSTOR 3000 (18U), a high availability, 128-port multi-protocol adaptive storage service platform with storage service processing at each port, targeted at enterprise data center deployments.
NetApp also unveiled several new solution enhancements and partner offerings with Asigra, Filenet, Maranti, Microsoft, Mobius, and Sun Microsystems to address a variety of data concerns, including simplifying SQL Server integration, content management, compliance, data backup and recovery, data management, security, and other business-critical initiatives facing enterprise customers.
HyperIP is qualified with industry-leading data replication products like: EMC SRDF Adaptive Copy and SRDF/A on Gigabit Ethernet Directors, Network Appliance SnapMirror and SnapVault, Veritas Volume Replicator and Replicator Exec, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Microsoft Exchange NetBIOS, Oracle DataGuard and DB Rsync, NSI Double-Take, Maranti CoreStor Replication and industry-standard FTP.
Miller has held key executive positions with IBM, DEC and Silicon Graphics, and most recently Miller has helped several technology start-ups achieve success including Maranti, Egenera, 2Bridge Software and portal play CoVia.
Rick Walsworth, director of marketing at Maranti Networks, said that the cost and complexity issues will limit SAN deployment beyond the Fortune 1,500.
Maranti is the most recent in a series of major networking equipment vendors to profit from the reduced development costs and accelerated time-to-market synonymous with AMCC's best-in-class technology, simplified programming model and on-time delivery.
The company's patent-pending technology serves as the foundation for the Maranti CoreSTOR(TM) system, which directly addresses business-critical storage problems with resiliency and flexibility.
Other vendors mentioned included for a broad range of exciting technologies included a mix of industry veterans: EMC, IBM and VERITAS, along with emerging vendors including: AppIQ, CreekPath, Acopia, and Maranti.
He currently sits on the boards of Maranti Networks and Valdero, and is a board observer at Aruba Networks.
JPMP's current technology investments include Aristos Logic, BelAir Networks, Canesta, Ikanos Communications, Maranti Networks, PortalPlayer, ProfitLogic, Seagate Technology, Sierra Logic, Valere Power and Zilliant.