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tropical perennial herbs with usually starchy rhizomes

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Calathea crotalifera is one of the important ornamental plants belonging to Marantaceae family.
These bats are characterized by the presence of circular adhesive disks on the sole of the foot and base of the thumb (Simmons, 1998), which they use to roost inside furled leaves of Heliconia (Heliconiaceae), Musa (Musaceae), Calathea (Marantaceae), Phenakospermum (Strelitziaceae) and dead leaves of Musa, Cecropia (Cecropiaceae) or palm fronds (Arecaceae) (Velazco et al., 2014).
Different results were obtained in other Marantaceae plants as in multiple shoot induction of Maranta leuconeura cv.
Many nontimber forest products are collected; the main ones are fumbua (Gnetum africanum), Marantaceae leaves, honey, mushrooms, and wildlife.
Examples include sedges and grasses and the Asteraceae, Cannaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae, and Urticaceae [7, 8, 15, 16, 51].
The dryland forest is an open, mixed canopy that is dominated by Sterculiaceae and Ulmaceae; often associated with it is a dense understorey of Marantaceae and Zingiberaceae (Fig.
azurea (Pontederiaceae), Oxycaryum cubense (Poepp y Kunth, 1908) Palla (Cyperaceae), Thalia multiflora (Horkel ex Korn, 1862) (Marantaceae), Salvinia biloba (Raddi, 1825) (Salviniaceae), Pistia stratiotes (L., 1753) (Araceae), Ludwigia peploides (Kunth) (P.
To make their rods, the chimps first picked some stems from the Marantaceae plant and plucked off the leaves.
X 182 Marantaceae Ischnosiphon sp1 X 183 Marcgraviaceae Marcgravia sp1 X 184 Melastomataceae Clidemia allardii Wurdack X 185 Melastomataceae Clidemia sp1 X 186 Melastomataceae Clidemia sp2 X 187 Melastomataceae Leandra sp1 X 188 Melastomataceae Maieta guianensis Aubl.