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a city in north central Venezuela

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CARACAS: From supermarket checkouts in the capital Caracas to electronics stores in the central city of Maracay, Venezuelans struggling with hyperinflation and a deep economic crisis are turning to a new form of payment: euros in cash.
A family of premium regional home builders in Arizona, USA, Maracay provides home buyers choices that serve both their lifestyle and the environment.
Para estudiar esta marea se usaron los datos medios horarios de P de 6 aeropuertos de Venezuela (Maiquetia, Maracay Base Sucre, La Carlota, Santa Elena, Puerto Ayacucho y Maturin) [9,10] de coordenadas medias 8,49[grados]N & 65.55[grados]W.
This number is an estimate according to Maracay executives.
They come from the small rural town of Maracay, where no Jewish community exists.
However, for a group of nine Venezuelan Jews from Maracay who coverted to Judaism in 2014 under the auspices of a Conservative rabbinical courtand who joined a synagogue an hour's drive from their hometown and have been practicing and studying their religion for three yearsthey apparently are not "involved enough" in Jewish life to make aliyah.
Some of his most notable clients include Newland, Maracay Homes, Gila River Indian Community, Iberdrola Renewables, McRae Group and the City of Glendale.
Earlier on Friday, CNNE issued a statement recognizing its mistake and apologizing for what it said was an error in the text that appeared on screen while a report on food scarcity in the Venezuelan cities of Maracay and Valencia was running on the channel on Thursday.
Maracay Homes said it has partnered with TRI Pointe Connect as its in-house mortgage originator to provide support to customers in the home closing process.
Analizar si las conductas de rutina obstetrica pautadas en la sala de hospitalizacion del Servicio de Obstetricia del Hospital Central de Maracay (HCM/Venezuela) incurren en actos de violencia obstetrica, tomando en cuenta lo contemplado en la Ley Organica sobre el derecho de las mujeres a una vida libre de violencia.
Fraga said the operation of a processing plant in Maracay, in the state of Aragua, shut down for many years, should be boosted.