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a port city in northwestern Venezuela

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Federico Troncone, chief of the Water Quality Division of the Institute for the Conservation of Lake Maracaibo (ICLAM--Instituto para la Conservaci6n del Lago de Maracalbo), points his finger at a dark cloud in the center of a computer simulation of the lake's waters.
He began by taking the Truth About Drugs curriculum to schools in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods in Maracaibo and extended the campaign throughout Venezuela.
The fields in the Maracaibo Basin are mature, requiring heavy investment to maintain current capacity.
Most of the southern half is non-prospective while the northern half, along with Lake Maracaibo, about 350,000 sq km, contains one of the world's greatest hydrocarbon reserves.
Maracaibo 10, Vancouver 0, 5 innings, Canada eliminated
Maracaibo Mayor Eveling de Rosales said: "As part of our operation of citizen security, we are giving them a forceful response, posting men and women to keep watch and stop this from continuing to happen," she said.
Apres mure reflexion, Abdelouafi a decide de quitter Marrakech et de s'installer tres loin, de l'autre cote de l'Atlantique au Venezuela, plus precisement a Maracaibo, au nord-ouest du pays.
Built in Merida state, the plant will supply Venezuela's Andean region and areas south of Maracaibo lake.
In the early twentieth century, subsidiaries of Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell moved into the Lake Maracaibo area, located in the westernmost section of the country, with dire consequences for the environment.
Travel Business Review-December 20, 2010--InterContinental Maracaibo Opens in Venezuela(C)2010] ENPublishing - http://www.
Five months after Venezuela nationalized dozens of oil service contractors in Zulia state, the once-bustling industrial dock on Lake Maracaibo is nearly abandoned, and the 16 red flags raised to celebrate the takeovers are already tattered and faded, reports Reuters (Oct.
Located on the north-eastern coast of Lake Maracaibo in Zulia state of western Venezuela, El Tablazo complex produces mainly olefins, plastics, fertilisers and industrial chemicals.
Officers said suspicions were raised by the route taken by the vessel, which left the port of Maracaibo in mid-September, and the drugs were uncovered during a search.
Thousands of Venezuelans have protested against an attempt to arrest opposition leader Manuel Rosales on corruption charges, in a march that swelled a main avenue of the oil city of Maracaibo.
These restrictions will apply to flights to Cali, Colombia; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Medellin, Colombia; Kingston, Jamaica; Maracaibo, Venezuela; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; La Paz, Bolivia; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Santiago, Dominican Republic; Quito, Ecuador; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; San Salvador, El Salvador; Guadalajara, Mexico; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; and Mexico City, Mexico.