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a port city in northwestern Venezuela

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So far, the air inspections carried out by PDVSA personnel have not detected any damage in Lake Maracaibo or in the surrounding communities.
In a statement, PDVSA said that the barges were used to drill and repair wells in Lake Maracaibo, a traditional hub of oil production, and that the workers had received severance pay from Schlumberger, the former operator of the vessels.
But PDVSA had appeared to be making headway, with Schlumberger saying in June it had reached an agreement with the oil major to keep six rigs operational in the Lake Maracaibo area.
Lake Maracaibo has a unique geography and climatology that is ideal for the development of thunderstorms," said Dennis Buechler with the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
The fields in the Maracaibo Basin are mature, requiring heavy investment to maintain current capacity.
Most of the southern half is non-prospective while the northern half, along with Lake Maracaibo, about 350,000 sq km, contains one of the world's greatest hydrocarbon reserves.
Surrounded by mountains on all but one side, Lake Maracaibo is a lightning trap.
El sistema de Maracaibo se encuentra localizado al occidente de Venezuela, esta compuesto por cuatro cuerpos de agua intimamente relacionados entre si (Lago de Maracaibo, Estrecho de Maracaibo, Bahia El Tablazo y Golfo de Venezuela) (Rodriguez, 2000).
Al respecto, dicho estudio se ha focal izado en la ciudad de Maracaibo, del estado Zulia en Venezuela.
Este es un ensayo literario; es un libro historico, donde se hace un seguimiento cronologico a las artes plasticas del Zulia y de Venezuela; es un libro sociologico, que piensa y analiza una epoca del movimiento de las artes y la cultura; es un libro imprescindible, por todo lo que nos cuenta, sugiere y propone; es un libro que hacia falta, en ese intento por saber sobre las artes plasticas de Maracaibo, desde sus lejanas raices en el siglo XIX.
Maracaibo 10, Vancouver 0, 5 innings, Canada eliminated
Ee"We completed the evacuation of Maracaibo National Prison with joy, hope, support and recognition from the people of Zulia," Prisons Minister Iris Varela wrote on Twitter, Voice of Russia reported.
Police in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo are hunting a gang of thieves who have been targeting woman to steal their hair.
Apres mure reflexion, Abdelouafi a decide de quitter Marrakech et de s'installer tres loin, de l'autre cote de l'Atlantique au Venezuela, plus precisement a Maracaibo, au nord-ouest du pays.
All Lake Maracaibo fishing is carried out on a small scale, scattered, and without defined landing points (de Espinosa 1972), making it particularly difficult to manage, given the difficulties to obtain reliable catch statistics.