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an ethnic minority of Polynesian and Melanesian descent who speak Maori and live in New Zealand

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the Oceanic language spoken by the Maori in New Zealand

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The nursing workforce programme--a partnership between the Ministry of Health and the national nursing organisations--has begun work on developing "a high level project brief related to the Maori nursing workforce".
The Miere Coalition, which indicates Maori honey interests, supports the UMF Honey Association's bid to trademark manuka honey however stated that it require to work with Maori to make it successful.
Global Banking News-April 29, 2015--BNZ develops special team to service Maori
Maori representation in New Zealand's local and district councils has become a big debating point in political circles.
This article reflects our life experiences, positions, and perspectives as Maori women who now teach in early childhood teacher education programmes.
Alice Te Punga Somerville's recent study Once Were Pacific: Maori Connections to Oceania invites readers to board her waka, an ocean-going canoe, to journey through waves of time and genres in search of "a kind of regional identification" (xxx) that spans much of the Pacific region.
I have introduced myself today as a Maori to situate myself in the
There are many features of Wulf that construe the early contact period through a typically bicultural lens, in its carefully-measured awareness of a dual Maori-British perspective, in which Maori often come up in a more favourable light: for example, the deep attachment of Maori to the land contrasted with British land rape; Maori legends privileged over European historical facts; and Maori as sophisticated and culturally complex, compared with British merchants as crude and uncouth.
Wellington, Oct 11( ANI ): Maori political leaders have called on broadcaster and Urban Maori Authority chairperson Willie Jackson to stop supporting former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, since doing so would put women at risk.
Wellington, New Zealand) looks at a time when the Maori were not only calm, but also part of the large Pacific milieu rather than settled on New Zealand.
Those participants of sole Maori identity reported higher rates of both early pregnancy and parenthood than either non-Maori or those of Maori/other ethnic identity.
If you're heading to the other side of the world, spending time learning from the rich Aboriginal and Maori cultures will give a fresh perspective on Australia and New Zealand.
FORMER Sale Sharks centre Luke McAlister will start for the New Zealand Maori in Wednesday's game against England.
Maori have well established protocols for the handling of the person, the processing of bodily samples, and their correct disposal.
Research suggests the specimens were originally brought from Ahuahu or Great Mercury Island, just off the New Zealand coast, and officials have now decided they should be returned out of respect for Maori spiritual beliefs.