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a form of communism developed in China by Mao Zedong

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In the name of Maoism at the forest areas and in the name of terrorism at the borders, violence is being carried out.
For those who still believed in the communist ideal, Maoism was a life raft to cling to.
Finally, there is evidence that the economic prosperity and social development is slowly eating away at the sense of deprivation that led to the rise of Maoism in the first place.
China, where Maoism was born, was shedding Maoism and was emerging as a strong nation to compete with the United States.
Back then I was a welcome anomaly in the midst of activists whose politics ranged from moderate socialism to radical Maoism.
Francois Laruelle, Anti-Badiou: The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy, Robin Mackay (trans), London, Bloomsbury, 2013, 288pp; 18.
Enter Francois Laruelle's Anti-Badiou: on the Introduction of Maoism Into Philosophy.
Anti-Badiou; on the introduction of Maoism into philosophy.
Inspired by Maoism, the Shining Path tried to lead a "People's War" to overthrow what they called "bourgeois democracy".
The views of Chinese reformers suggest that they will seek gradually to persuade the leadership to abandon the theories of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism and develop a new way of thinking for future political practice in order to reduce the huge gap between political theory and practice.
Such is not the case in A Critical Introduction to Mao, a collection of fourteen essays by leading China scholars edited by Timothy Cheek, the Louis Cha chair in Chinese research at the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia and an expert on Chinese intellectuals and Maoism.
CD fought against the early manifestations of neoliberalism, particularly the Canada--US Free Trade Agreement, and we covered the demise at that time of the small but vigorous far left organizations--various forms of Trotskyism and Maoism, for example.
12) that evidences the enduring influence of Maoism over three and a half decades after the Great Helmsmen's death.
When Deng Xiaopin said: "to get rich is glorious," Maoism as the source of the regime's legitimacy collapsed.
In short, it was this same faction that, each time before, had raised the slogan of 'the Principal Contradiction' derived from Maoism, which no other contradiction could rival or match.