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Italian novelist and poet (1785-1873)

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This article attempts to restore this memory by illuminating Sciascia's contribution to the scholarship on Manzoni and the deep link that exists between the two authors.
The Manzonis move in and take on new identities as the Blakes with a casual, seen-it-all-before routine as Giovanni decides to bash out his memoirs.
With such positions, Manzoni had the means and power to drastically change Birmingham - and change it he did.
Now, Australia's 'Car Sales' has reported, citing a Ferrari spokesman, that Manzoni was simply discussing some possible designs that were on the table during the LaFerrari's development.
Manzoni held no sentiment towards the buildings of the past and tore through historic parts of the city, with a vision of improving Birmingham for future generations.
The shares had been down 23 per cent from September 2007, when Manzoni, a former executive at BP, took over from the more outspoken Jim Buckee.
Coventry's production responsibilities begin with the release of the winery's 2009 Estate Pinot Noir and the debut of a new item in the Manzoni portfolio -- a Pinot Gris.
This was a strong quarter financially and we are on track to deliver on our key promises for the year," said chief executive officer John Manzoni in a statement.
The exhibition's attempt to contextualize Manzoni among his peers was most effective in the stunning play of similarity and difference set up between his and Tony Smith's work.
Charles Manzoni Named New General Counsel; Doug Paul Named Chief Compliance Officer
Nel secondo capitolo Parisi afferma l'attualita della riflessione borgesiana su Manzoni e identifica, nell'evoluzione dei giudizi di Borgese sull'opera manzoniana, un riflesso dello sviluppo spirituale dell'autore.
Indeed, Manzoni mentioned the cardinal's unpublished memoir as one of the principal sources for his account of this aspect of the plague.
Sir Herbert John Baptista Manzoni was a man of his time, but it's a time we should be in no hurry to return to.
E a proposito di classici, preciso subito che mi occupero del testo di Ginzburg esaminando il rapporto che esso instaura con Manzoni, l'autore di quello che e il classico del romanzo storico italiano, I promessi sposi.
The 20ft tall fibreglass figure stood astride several locations in the city in the 1970s, including Manzoni Gardens behind the old Bull Ring and outside a car dealership in Digbeth.