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a short-haired tailless breed of cat believed to originate on the Isle of Man

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She looks forward to getting her belongings out of storage and moving back into the house she leased out in her absence, settling back down with Ripley and a female Manx cat named George.
Overcoming obstacles and several touch-and-go days of intensive care, a handsome Manx cat with bright green eyes kept his spirit strong and lived to become an education ambassador helping teach children about humane animal treatment and abuse prevention.
And just how did the Manx cat come to lose its tail?
ANIMAL charities are trying to trace the owner of a tortoiseshell Manx cat found in the Earlsdon area of Coventry nearly two weeks ago.
What is absent in a Manx cat that is present in other cats?
Oakells created a new company, Manx Cat Inns, specially to buy and develop new pubs on the mainland led by Steve Holt, former managing director of Liverpool brewery Cains.
Now he is back in Okell's flagship pub which will pave the way for Manx Cat Inns, a new venture especially set up to spearhead the mainland expansion.
A friend brought me a Manx cat back from a trip to the Isle of Man, and I found a beckoning cat in Chinatown in New York.
Kirklands wine bar, in Hardman Street, will be refurbished and opened next February, confirmed Steve Holt, managing director of brewery subsidiary Manx Cat Inns, the company set up to create a new estate of mainland UK pubs.
Steve, meanwhile, who's now based in Leeds,has been recruited by Okell's to head up Manx Cat Inns to develop pubs in Merseyside and the North West.