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the ancient Gaelic formerly spoken on the Isle of Man

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a short-haired tailless breed of cat believed to originate on the Isle of Man

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Mr McIlvenna first competed in the Manx Grand Prix in 2005.
The company also provides connectivity, data centre and hosting solutions to businesses and the public sector, and boasts a growing portfolio of innovative communication solutions marketed under the Manx Telecom brand, and via channel partners.
Gill assumed a rivalry that did not exist, and remained unaware of how early on Moore had started on what was to become Manx Ballads and Music.
Bill Bennett, chairman of the Manx Motor Cycle Club, paid tribute to Adam.
The extensive museum takes visitors from pre-historic archaeology to the Vikings, explores island folklore and Manx Gaelic speakers to its development as a holiday isle.
Creating greater demand for Queenies in the UK would benefit Manx fishermen because there was greater margin to be made in the UK than abroad, said Andy Read, director of fisheries at the Isle of Man government.
Harry Manx, who had been called an "essential link" between the music of East and West, will bring his blend of blues, folk music and Hindustani classical music to Fitchburg State University on Saturday.
The island is still self-governing and the Manx Parliament - Tynwald - is the oldest continuous parliament in the world, dating back more than 1000 years to the Vikings.
Around 200 members of the Communication Workers Union in Manx Telecom will walk out next Friday, August 22, followed by a ban on overtime, in protest at a below-inflation pay offer of 4.
Michael Derek Sansbury, 42, disappeared two years ago after being charged with the rape and indecent assault of a child under 16 in the Manx capital Douglas.
In an exhibition last year (2006) on the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea between Ireland, Scotland and England, I was commissioned by Manx National Heritage to create a three-part outdoor sited installation.
Manx Telecom, a subsidiary of O2, and Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU) have signed a comprehensive agreement that continues the evolution of Manx Telecom's network to support a wide array of "blended" Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), data and video services over a converged network that combines third-generation (3G) wireless technology and the latest wireline broadband access capabilities.
litter-sister to Swift Manx, who set a 325 yards record at Mullingar first time out, at 21 months old.
Manx Telecom continues evolution of IMS-based network on Isle of Man, introducing Lucent Converged Voice solutions
A little bit of Gateshead is set to find a new home in the Isle of Man, when Tyne Bridge MP David Clelland joins Royalty and guests from all over the world at Tynwald Day, the Manx national day and annual open-air sitting of the Manx Parliament.