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Synonyms for manure

Synonyms for manure

any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material

spread manure, as for fertilization


References in classic literature ?
Manure is evidently the Black-Forester's main treasure--his coin, his jewel, his pride, his Old Master, his ceramics, his bric-a-brac, his darling, his title to public consideration, envy, veneration, and his first solicitude when he gets ready to make his will.
Paul Hoch, young neighbor, suitor for Gretchen's hand--ostensibly; he really wants the manure.
There were no speeches, there was but little talk, there were no frivolities; the Council filled themselves gradually, steadily, but surely, with beer, and conducted themselves with sedate decorum, as became men of position, men of influence, men of manure.
Cabbage salad is a horrid invention, but I don't doubt its utility as a means of encouraging thoughtfulness; nor will I quarrel with it, since it results so poetically, any more than I quarrel with the manure that results in roses, and I give it to Irais every day to make her sing.
The wagons were to begin carting manure earlier, so as to get all done before the early mowing.
An', to eat into the little room there was, there was piles of manure just thrown outa the barn an' not hauled away yet.
Jean-Pierre noted with sorrow that the heap of manure in the courtyard before the only entrance to the house was not so large as it should have been.
But this morning he was in a mood more becoming a man of business, and in the course of his ride along the Basset lanes, with their deep ruts,--lying so far away from a market-town that the labor of drawing produce and manure was enough to take away the best part of the profits on such poor land as that parish was made of,--he got up a due amount of irritation against Moss as a man without capital, who, if murrain and blight were abroad, was sure to have his share of them, and who, the more you tried to help him out of the mud, would sink the further in.
Research has shown almost universal beneficial effects of green manuring on rice yields and that green manure can substitute for up to 60-100 kg fertilizer nitrogen (N)/ha and many studies have shown that it can enhance the availability of native or applied phosphorus (P) and of micronutrients [7].
The Global and Chinese Manure Spreader Industry, 2015 Market Research Report is a specialized study on the current state of the global manure spreader markets with a focus on the Chinese region with forecasts for 2015 to 2020.
Organic and synthetic fertilizers are the most common way to add nutrients to the soil, but animal manure is good, too, if you can find and transport it.
Maryland project to convert poultry manure to electricity: An Eastern Shore Maryland poultry farm has received a state grant of $970,000 that it will use to install a manure-to-energy technology system that could reduce the farm's nutrient pollution by 90 percent.
Manure disposal is a big concern for cattle feedlot operators," says Agricultural Research Service agricultural engineer John Gilley.
Tenders are invited for Manure Technologies Expert Panel