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the upper part of the breastbone

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Furca reduced to finely granulated area, with 4 small dental chaetae in 2 rows posteriorly and 1 manubrial row of chaetae (Fig.
Their surgical technique was as follows: the medial border of the sternocleidomastoid tendon was released proximally to obtain a 3 mm piece of tendon, with a strong manubrial attachment of at least 8 cm in length.
Flere, neurons from the smooth muscle band joined the manubrial nerve net.
The blood supply is radially arranged along the edges (forming the vascular ring) and the manubrial plexus, which courses down the handle of the malleus.
III and IV sterna, with 4 small dental chaetae arranged in 2 rows posteriorly and 2 manubrial rows of chaetae (Fig.
A narrow manubrial stalk flares into a bulbous body that continues as four slightly elongated lips, forming the mouth opening.
Chaetotaxy of manubrial field variable: 4 chaetae present in ma-row, 2-3 chaetae in mm-row and 6-7 chaetae in mp-row (Figs.
Embryos and larvae brooded on the manubrium or on stiff, shelf-like manubrial extensions, rarely on the oral arms.