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a member of a nomadic people of the northern Urals

the Ugric language (related to Hungarian) spoken by the Vogul


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Eastern Mansi is one of the four main dialectical groups of Mansi, and it was spoken close to the Konda river.
For that reason I will talk about the Eastern Mansi language and the Mansi languages in the following sections.
CRISIL believes that Mansi will maintain its credit risk profile over the medium term backed by comfortable operating profitability of the company and modest sales growth.
Set up as a partnership firm in 2007, and reconstituted as a private limited company in 2008, Mansi manufactures grey and dyed fabrics.
Mansi added they will spend e1/413min total for energy conversion.
With regards to the dollar shortage issue, Mansi said that prices of local sources are directly affected by the issue, leading to increasing the prices of the final product.
Overnight leaders Khaled Joan and Owaid Mansi were down in 13th and 11th positions and Mansi had earned the unofficial overall lead.
But Mansi stayed far enough ahead of Khalaf Joan to claim the win.
26 April 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL assigned Friday a rating of B+ with a "stable" outlook to the long-term bank facilities of local grey and dyed fabrics maker Mansi Industries Pvt Ltd.
CRISIL believes that Mansi Industries will maintain a moderate business risk profile, driven by its satisfactory profitability.
The Motherhood Story" competition, launched at Christmas, has accepted entries for nine months, in a reference to the duration of pregnancy, Mansi said.
The competitions, which Mansi hopes will help globalise Egyptian literature, are the first of their kind in Egypt.
Developers need to have long term plans for construction projects rather than mainly focusing on the fiscal values, Mansi noted.
Lafarge CEO Mansi said his company is carrying out social housing projects, which allows low-income citizens to access 45-square metre houses.
A writer should have strong uncommon ideas, and should be brave enough to write them down, in an artistic way," said Mansi, who started writing when he was 16 years old and wrote his first book, "A Journey from Darkness to Light", as a university student.