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New Zealand writer of short stories (1888-1923)

a town in north central Ohio

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Of the 49 people with 302 years of military experience at Mansfield, 23 have served in the Army, eight in the Marines, eight in the Air Force, five in the Navy, three in the Army National Guard, one in the Army Reserves and one in the Air National Guard.
Jerome then found himself dribbling into the Mansfield box, this time managing to fire a shot on goal, however, his effort went over the bar.
Mansfield Oil is a national leader in the North American energy supply, logistics and services enterprise market.
However the visitors' lead was halved by half time and Mansfield equalised in the second minute of added time.
Wellington has numerous natural advantages when it comes to hosting a Mansfield conference--quite apart from its unrivalled weather.
Its long-burning flame was a tribute to the life of the late Janet Mansfield (1934-2013): a woodfire potter; an ambassador to a worldwide ceramics movement; and the founder of 'Gulgong', a ceramics-community experience.
Teenager Joelle Evans had been in an eight-month relationship with 21-year-old Craig Philip Mansfield when he attacked her after a night out.
Nicole Mansfield's aunt, Monica Mansfield Speelman, told Reuters on Thursday the FBI had informed her that afternoon of the death of her niece, who was from Flint, Michigan.
html) Bob Mansfield , who led the engineering of many of Apple's most famous products since 2005, including the Mac, iPhone and iPod, has (http://www.
com)-- Mansfield ISD's high schools have a new way of promoting their school spirit, with student-designed custom debit cards issued by Texas Trust Credit Union.
The annual Best of Mansfield award is a community-nominated award program that recognizes the best businesses and professionals in the city of 56,000 residents.
of Tulsa, has entered into an alliance with Mansfield Oil Co.
Recommendation Mansfield 1pt 5-6 Bet365, Coral, V Chandler
WHEN Katherine Mansfield died of tuberculosis in 1923 at the age of 34, she left behind three volumes of short stories and the poignant sense of an aborted career.
Michael Mansfield QC, whose high profile cases include the inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Jean Charles de Menezes, said his accusation that John Bowden was involved in a series of murders which involved "carving up homosexuals and winos" was a "mistaken recollection".