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genus of economically important tropical plants: cassava

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El genero Manihot contiene 98 especies, de las cuales solo la yuca tiene relevancia economica y es cultivada (Olsen y Schaal, 2001).
There are numerous researches to determine the leaf area in several annual and perennial crops however this index is poorly studied in crops of the genus Manihot, especially for Pornunca.
This appears to be the case in the home gardens of San Pablo, since intraspecific richness of some species proved to be high; just in Musa x paradisiaca we found 14 varieties, and nine varieties of Mangifera indica, eight varieties of Manihot esculenta and seven varieties of Psidium guajava (Appendix 1).
Em relacao a densidade absoluta, obtiveram-se 551, 212 e 105 individuos, respectivamente, de Poincianella bracteosa, Mimosa ophthalmocentra e Manihot carthaginensis e 1224 individuos para o conjunto total de especies lenhosas levantadas.
Here, we demonstrate the application and proved the repeatability of this strategy using a Chinese medicine Abelmoschus manihot L.
Abstract Vernonia amygdalina (Asteraceae) and Manihot esculenta (Euphorbiaceae) are food sources for human and hosts plant of the African pest Zonocerus variegatus (L.
2011), avaliando a variabilidade de acessos do genero Manihot, obtiveram o total de 154 bandas polimorficas em 20 iniciadores avaliados.
Ebenaceae)] Manihot esculenta Crantz Presented by J.
Project Description: A productive recovery intervened in the impacted watershed Uairen River, from the perspective of local people, with their own or appropriable technologies, developing agroforestry models with local species such as the Incas, Manihot, Mauritia and consolidating a network of tourism areas is proposed Community and economic and environmental education through the automation of various activities of the productive sector, contribute to short-term improvements in the quality of life of women and the family in general alternative.
This plant, botanically known as Abelmoschus manihot, usually abounds in Quezon province, Bicol and places in Mindanao like Dinagat Island, Zamboanga and other provinces.
Hay un estrato arbustivo con Manihot flabellifolia y grandes Eucalyptus globulus (Fig.
Cassava, Manihot esculenta Crantz (Euphorbiaceae) is the staple food of nearly a billion people (FAO/IFAD 2000).
Bub Ngu Fruit EUPHORBIACEAE Manihot esculenta Mon Sum Pa Young leaves Lang Sauropus androgynus Puk Whan Leaves (L.