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a tropical tree or shrub bearing fruit that germinates while still on the tree and having numerous prop roots that eventually form an impenetrable mass and are important in land building

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Mangroves provide many benefits - they act as a carbon sink and are home to several species of wading birds, fish, small crabs and molluscs.
Addressing the participants of Mangroves Plantation Ceremony organised by Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA), and later talking to journalists at PMA on Tuesday he said climate change is not only affecting water related living things but also hitting hard to human being initially economically and than by changing its shape to tsunami and cyclone.
The Provincial Minister directed for effective coordination with law enforcement agencies to protect mangroves and take action against those who were involved in cutting of mangroves directly or indirectly.
The species has long been thought to be predominantly found in mangroves and less commonly found in adjacent lowland forest and scrub (Angehr 2000), but recent work suggests that it uses the intact mangrove - lowland forest ecotone interface to fulfill varied ecological requirements (Jones et al.
While no charitable funds will be given to the government of Sri Lanka, it will play an important role in this effort by demarcating and gazetting mangrove forests, providing legal protection for all of Sri Lanka's mangroves and providing rangers to patrol mangrove forests.
You are minutes away from the city yet living in a haven of peace and tranquility," said Canadian Robert Engeldrecht who moved to the Mangroves with his wife last August.
A NATIONAL strategy to preserve Bahrain's lush green mangroves is underway as 10,000 seeds are expected to be planted by the end of the year.
The focus of the present study will be on coastal zone management and biodiversity conservation in Qatar and regionally as mangroves and sea grass habitats are essential in supporting coastal biodiversity, productivity and fishery in coastal waters and are vulnerable to development and pollution.
Belevari Marine, a leading marine leisure and hospitality company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is offering guests at the Eastern Mangroves Hotel eco-boat cruises in its scenic surroundings.
Indonesia is home to some of the world's largest expanses of mangrove forest, accounting for 27% of the earth's mangroves, and 75% of those found in Southeast Asia.
He lifted the rod with his right hand; with his left, he turned the rudder knob hard to port on his pedal-driven hybrid kayak, and pumped with his legs to steam away from the mangroves.
Mangroves are expanding dramatically along Florida's Atlantic Coast as the frequency of killing frosts, which usually keep them in control, has dropped.
Calombaris was impressed with moves taken to transform the Eastern Mangroves into a sensitive tourism destination in the heart of the city
The team found that mangroves expanded in places where winter lows once fell below 4[degrees] Celsius but now rarely do.
Abu Dhabi's Tourism Development and Investment Company has appointed Belevari Marine to operate the new 30-berth Marina at the Eastern Mangroves complex.