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Synonyms for mangel-wurzel

beet with a large yellowish root

cultivated as feed for livestock

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I'M trying to trace filmmaker James Stead who made a film about Jake Mangelwurzel in the 1990s while studying at university.
MangelWurzel, 69, appearing in court as Thomas Henry Erasmus Occupier, was given a conditional discharge by a judge in Preston.
The court heard that MangelWurzel was a man of some ability.
The name of the root crop 'mangelwurzel' comes from which language?
HUDDERSFIELD eccentric Jake Mangelwurzel has been convicted of affray.
Mangelwurzel was charged under the name Thomas Henry Erasmus Occupier - one of his previous names.
I would not have known about the amazing doctor had it not been for the efforts of town clown Jake Mangelwurzel, who rescued the pictured plaque from a scrapheap in 1976 and has shown incredible determination to keep the memory of 'Dr Mac' alive.
He may have disappeared altogether but for the good offices of town jester Jake Mangelwurzel, who was delivering building materials to Storthes Hall in 1976 when he came across hundreds of war plaques that had been thrown on the scrapheap.