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the condition of being prognathous

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The lateral cephalogram confirmed the hypoplasia of the mid-facial region along with the associated relative mandibular prognathism. The radiographs of the upper limbs displayed the following features: curving of the humerus bones bilaterally, underdeveloped styloid process of the ulna bilaterally, postaxial polydactyly and clinodactyly bilaterally, hyperplastic capitate of the left wrist, undeveloped metacarpal for the extra digit in the left hand, and hypoplastic hamate of the right wrist.
He has got all the minor stigmas of Apert Syndrome i.e low intelligence, partial deafness, weak eye sight, short stature, facial deformity, bad dentition, mandibular prognathism, fused digits of hands and feet.
[5], in a study with 5- to 15-year-old Class III patients, 57% had maxillary retrusion, irrespective of whether or not they presented with mandibular prognathism. Studies on the multifactorial etiology of Class III malocclusions show that maxillary retrognathism is as common as mandibular prognathism [3, 5].
Mandibular prognathism is induced by hypergenesis and results in a subsequent excess of the mandible, which leads to obvious protrusion of the chin area and lower lip, as well as depressed morphology in the facial form.
The following parameters were analyzed as the indicators of the sagittal position and length of jaws: the angle of maxillary prognathism, the angle of mandibular prognathism, ANB angle as an indicator of sagittal jaw relations, maxillary length (Asnp), and the length of the mandible (Gn-Go).
Graber [18] evaluated the position of the hyoid in 30 children (16 males and 14 females, mean age of 6 years) after orthopedic treatment for mandibular prognathism. Graber observed that the hyoid position had shifted posteriorly and interiorly at 3 years after treatment.
Similar findings were reported by Shapiro and Shapiro.25 Quinn16 has cited nasal airway obstruction as the major cause of mandibular prognathism (forward projecting lower jaw), facial asymmetries, and vertical dysplasias.
The sagital split ramus osteotomy as the prefered treatment for mandibular prognathism. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2000; 58: 310-312.
Craniofacial features are dominated by an underdeveloped premaxilla and a relative mandibular prognathism. Oral anomalies comprise hypodontia, especially of maxillary front teeth both in the primary and the permanent dentitions, small teeth, peg-shaped front teeth, and hyperplastic upper labial frenulum.
Operative Oral Surgery: The Surgical Correction of Mandibular Prognathism and Retrognathia with Consideration of genioplasty.