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Caracteres anatomicos da propagacao vegetativa de Mandevilla illustris (Vell.) Woodson e de M.
Mandevilla holosericeae affinis, a qua imprimis differt inflorescentia aperta non congesta, pedicellis longioribus, 1-1.5 cm longis, corolla glabra lobulis productis, glandibus disci ad medium connatis et fructibus submoniliformibus
My husband and his father built it right on the crest of the hill, and I planted wisteria to climb over the roof and surrounded it with flowers--hanging baskets of asparagus fern and verbena, masses of shasta daisies, mandevilla, and rudbeckia, and big planters of the fluffy little pink fairy rose that blooms all summer."
Por ejemplo, para Mandevilla longiflora (Desf.) Pichon, se cita como localidad especifica "Montevideo" [ejemplo: Sello 1679 (U)], pero hasta la fecha, esa especie solo se ha recolectado en el N de este pais (departamentos de Rivera y Tacuarembo), por lo que estas colecciones, se citan como "localidad dudosa".
Highly fragrant and surprisingly frost-tolerant, Chilean jasmine (Mandevilla laxa) must be one of the most underused vines in Northern California.
A popular tropical vine which is successfully grown in this area is Mandevilla. Although the vine will not survive the winters, it is a fast growing vine with showy pink flowers and dark glo ssy leaves making it a good selection during the season for planters, beds, or hanging baskets.
japonica), Chilean jasmine (Mandevilla laxa), or a fragrant climbing rose.
Se describen e ilustran dos nuevas especies de Mandevilla (subgenero Mandevilla) para Peru.
Cannas, dahlias, and shell ginger (Alpinia) have bright blooms, as do flowering shrubs such as angel's trumpet (Brugmansia), hibiscus, plumeria, and shrimp plant; vines such as bougainvillea, mandevilla hybrids, and passion vine; and many tender perennials, such as abutilon and impatiens.