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Synonyms for mandarin

shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed

a member of an elite intellectual or cultural group

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any high government official or bureaucrat

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a high public official of imperial China

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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Beijing and adopted as the official language for all of China

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Decrease of Alternate Bearing in Satsuma Manderin (Citrus Unshiu) by Balance Nutrition and Urea Foliar Application.
James, Richard andRhys have impressed us all and will undoubtedly meet the challenge of international rugby if called upon."The match is the first Test to be played in Welsh-speaking Puerto Manderin.
pounds 30 Trio Welsummer Point of Lay, Welsummer pullets (3), cross-bred laying pullets (4), trio Welsummer pullets, trio Dutch Gold partridge, trio Wolverhampton Tumblers, pair Manderin Call ducks, trio Call ducks, breeding pair American wood duck, quartet Khaki Campell ducks.
The Manderin Tokyo Tea, for example, will combine Absolut Manderin, Beefeater gin, Bacardi light rum and sweet and sour, sandwiched between a layer of Midori on the bottom and a float of cranberry juice on top.
9.06 (435m): Boherduff Joan, Roulette, Oh Goodness Me, Acomb Samson (w), Glasha Bridge (w), Black Manderin (w).