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South African statesman who was released from prison to become the nation's first democratically elected president in 1994 (born in 1918)

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The Department of Tourism in collaboration with the National Heritage Council (NHC), South African Tourism (SAT), and the Nelson Mandela Museum and the OR Tambo District Municipality, the Mandela Family, Eastern Cape government are hosting us today, to celebrate a number of milestones on the strategic imperatives of tourism.
Nelson Mandela (postage stamp of Mandela pictured above) is respected for his commitment to values such as freedom, equality, and respect.
Mandla Mandela's marriage to Rabia Mandela is his fourth.
They divorce in 1958 as Mandela and his ANC brothers stand trial for treason - the same year he meets and marries social worker Winnie Madikizela (Naomie Harris).
The Nelson Mandela Foundation, an NGO dedicated to Mandela's memory, said that the 24-second footage was probably filmed in 1956 during the "Treason Trial", which ended in 1961 with the acquittal of Mandela and dozens of others from charges of treason.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead," ambassador of South Africa to Qatar Saad Cachalia quotes his country's former president and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela as the world looks to celebrate his day.
Mandela, freed four months previously, was the leader of the African National Congress, a group the US had designated a "terrorist organisation".
When the ruling white National Party approaches a jailed Mandela to negotiate an end to apartheid, the film shows fellow ANC prisoners openly questioning whether Mandela would sell them out.
Elba is best in the years before Mandela became a familiar face.
In the New York Mandela tribute concert, the South African award winners Soweto Gospel choir will sing.
Despite the risk of deifying the AntiA[degrees]Apartheid Movement leader, Chadwick's Mandela is very human.
1 SIDNEY POITIER (1997) - Poitier was nominated for an Emmy for his performance opposite Michael Caine as Mandela in TV film Mandela And De Klerk.
Where was the story about how Mandela and the African National Congress rallied powerful global economic sanctions and took down apartheid?
A BIRMINGHAM leisure centre is to be renamed in memory of former South African president Nelson Mandela.
Sueno un Africa en paz consigo misma", decia Nelson Mandela evocando un deseo largamente anhelado.