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The author of this study presents a description of "the settlement of Manchuria and the neighboring areas of Inner Mongolia and the incorporation of these territories into China during the Qing [1644-1911] and Republican [1912-1937] periods" (1).
It might have been possible for the Japanese to go the other way and reach an agreement with Russia, giving the Russians a free hand in Manchuria in return for a free Japanese hand in Korea.
Principal wars: occupation of Manchuria (1931); Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945); World War II (1941-1945).
Construction crews built the Valley of the Blue Moon in Sherwood Forest (now Westlake Village), while Lucerne Dry Lake (near Lake Arrowhead) and the San Bernadino Mountains stood in for Manchuria and the Himalayas, respectively.
Their topics include the Chinese Eastern Railway from the First Sino-Japanese War until the Russo-Japanese War, Japan's South Manchuria Railway Company in northeast China 1906-34, railway as political catalyst in the 1929 Sino-Soviet conflict, railway enterprises in Central China and Manchuria as cases of technology transfer in modern China, and the return of the Chinese Changchun Railway to China by the USSR.
He attributes the emperor's decision to end the war in August of 1945 to a combination of the atomic bombs, and the USSR's declaration of war and immediate invasion of Manchuria.
This excellent book offers a thorough, revealing, and persuasive analysis of the repercussions in Chinese politics and ideology of the Japanese military occupation of Manchuria in 1931.
The vantage point of history leads many to suspect that the attacks were aimed more at the Soviet leadership than at the Japanese, who might have been starved into surrender with a blockade, especially after the Russian invasion of Manchuria.
Principal wars: conquest of Manchuria (1931-1932); World War II (1941-1945).
Meng received his Bachelors Degree in Management (1984) from the University of Manchuria.
of Singapore) looks at how the equipment, infrastructure, and trained labor force of the Fushun oil shale industry, developed in Japanese occupied Manchuria during the 1930s, and the Yumen oil field in Western China contributed to China's efforts to discover and exploit the Daqing oil field in Northeast China.
Ministry officials said the mission is the first to retrieve the remains of Japanese soldiers and other Japanese who were killed in the hostilities near the village of Nomonhan on the border between northwestern Manchuria and Outer Mongolia between May and August in 1939.
Prevuznak was imprisoned in the former Mukden, Manchuria, in a squalid camp with Brig.
To the Harbin Station: The Liberal Alternative in Russian Manchuria, 1898-1914.
Minister of Health of the Trans-Baikal Territory Sergey Davydov, First Deputy Ivan Shovdra and Chief Doctor of the Trans-Baikal Central District Hospital Evgeny Gumenyuk held working talks with the leadership of the city of Manchuria.