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Synonyms for mantrap

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

a trap for catching trespassers

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But I knew no more what I was doing than what to do next I afterward found that I had taken out a fresh tie, and tied it rather better than usual; but I can remember thinking of nothing but Raffles in some diabolical man-trap, and of a grinning monster stealing in to strike him senseless with one murderous blow.
I was going on to add that I had expected to find Raffles there before me, to settle a wager that we had made about the man-trap.
In two seminal shows, she contrasted old-fashioned man-traps with brainy mavericks.
To learn more about Sind's man-traps, contact Enrico Fincati at +39 0424 522 290.
According to Enrico Fincati, Sind's commercial director, by integrating TrueFace technology in its security platform, the company has been able to produce a turnkey system that not only securely holds a person in the man-trap, but also verifies his or her identity prior to allowing entry to a company's business.