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Synonyms for man-of-war

a warship intended for combat

large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles

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The all-action Man of War movie will be released next year.
Best known for its Man of War series and Disciples: Sacred Lands, the company has also earned critical acclaim for its work on such titles as Steel Panthers I and II and Age of Rifles for Strategic Simulations Inc.
The three have played courses like Heritage and Man of War.
In a barely less off-putting role, Lange does some of her best film work, while Hopkins' rich, intuitive performance makes sense of the consummate man of war who has little aptitude for peace.
Beginning today, HEAT gaming fans will be able to challenge each other online in Strategy First's Man of War II, Clans and the highly praised turn-based role-playing strategy game, Disciples: Sacred Lands.