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excessive development of the breasts in males

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However the Man Boob lifter requires highly specialized fitness equipment, a snorkel and dive mask.
CHEST RIGHT: More men are turning to cosmetic surgery to remove their embarrassing man boobs - or 'moobs' - and create a more masculine appearance
I'd rather suck on his man boobs," the Sun quoted the ex-Oasis member as saying.
A RECORD number of BLOKES are getting their man boobs chopped off for free on the National Health Service, The People can reveal.
An increase in the procedure is quite typical for this time of year as, in winter, men can hide their man boobs under heavy jumpers and jackets.
Age and obesity are the most common causes of man boobs, but booze, drugs and anabolic steroids all trigger hormone imbalance that leads to them.
Some men believe using weights will get rid of their man boobs, but if MAN boobs are not just a problem affecting overweight men.
The 54-year-old showed off his man boobs as he strolled topless in white Bermuda shorts on the beach in Miami.
Men walk in for the first time beaten down by modern life, with protruding bellies, rounded shoulders, grey complexions, slim arms and legs and man boobs.
The 52-year-old showed off his man boobs - or moobs - as he soaked up the rays on holiday in St Tropez.
We see the Hoff running along, his man boobs bouncing around like two bags of chicken livers in a bumpy Tesco trolley.
In less of a case of Walk this Way, more run for the hills, the Aerosmith frontman had no qualms about showing off his man boobs while sunning himself in Hawaii.
Surgeons say desperate grooms-to-be are signing up in the droves in an attempt to eave goodbye to saggy man boobs, eager to avoid embarrassment on their wedding night - while brides are opting for botox and breast enlarge-ments to please their new husbands.
And, for your average slob looking for something suitable, let's have mannequins flaunting what I believe are called man boobs.
The survey for the Department of Health's Know Your Limits campaign found just 16% of men were worried their drinking would lead to man boobs while just over a quarter, or 27%, feared it would lead to getting a beer belly.