Mammuthus columbi

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a variety of mammoth

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At least one individual of Mammuthus columbi was represented by a mandible (UALP 2464) containing two last molars (M6).
The Tramperos Creek locality to date has produced a diverse fauna with 30 taxa of vertebrates, including many aquatic microvertebrates (fish and amphibians) as well as the terrestrial mammals Bison, Equus niobrarensis, Camelops hesternus, Capromeryx minor, Mammuthus columbi,and several small terrestrial vertebrates (Morgan and Lucas, 2005).
Thus, other than at Chaltanengo, its Central American records are of Mammuthus columbi and extend from El Salvador and western Honduras through Nicaragua into central Costa Rica.
Estanzuela: a tooth of Mammuthus columbi collected by Barnum Brown (we have seen this molar in the Museo Estanzuela in Zacapa) together with other Late Pleistocene mammal fossils.
The fossils from this deposit are very diverse, including mammalian fossils, Mammuthus columbi and B.
The most abundant macrofossils are those of the Columbian mammoth, Mammuthus columbi, and the giant bison, Bison latifrons.
Morphometrical analyses of Mammuthus columbi from the Dent Site, Weld County, Colorado.
En el mismo yacimiento, 2,30 m sobre los niveles fosiliferos Blancano-Irvingtonianos, se recupero restos de Mammuthus columbi Falconer (1857), descritos por Laurito & Aguilar (2007), quienes asignan una edad Rancholabreano para las secuencias superiores del rio Tomayate.
The vertebrate macrofossils are dominated by the large mammals Mammuthus columbi and Bison latifrons.
Elephas columbi (Dice 1920; Hay 1923); Mammuthus columbi (Agenbroad 1984); Mammuthus jeffersonii (Frankforter 1966; Hart 1965b; Holman et al.
Kurten and Anderson (1980) refer to Osborn's (1922, 1942) Mammuthus jeffersonii as being the more progressive evolutionary form and Mammuthus columbi as an intermediate form, and they consider Mammuthus imperator to be synonymous with Mammuthus columbi.
Por otra parte, en Mexico se han registrado solamente dos especies de Mammuthus que habitaron su territorio, a saber: Mammuthus hayi del Pleistoceno Medio con un muy escaso registro fosil y la forma Rancholabreana Mammuthus columbi (Arroyo-Cabrales et al.
Falconer described Mammuthus columbi in 1857 based on fragmentary cheek-tooth plates sent by the eminent British geologist Charles Lyell who visited the canal in 1945.
However, the source is not mentioned), and the Elephantidae, Mammuthus columbi, from the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica represents the most southern record for this species in Central America (Laurito, 1988 y Lucas et al.
Large mammals recovered thus far include adult and juvenile Mammuthus columbi, multiple individuals of Bison sp.