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Mehrzad Ferdows, Board Member & Owner of Mammut Group: The Iranian automotive market is currently undergoing changes based on customer expectations.
Mammut Sports Group (Switzerland), La Sportiva (Italy), and Skofabriken Kavat (Sweden).
SWEDISH STYLE: Mammut children''s stool, PS5; Poang armchair, PS95 with Blomstermala multicolour cushion, PS60; Billy bookcase, PS55; Main picture features PS Maskros pendant light, PS90; Lack coffee table in high gloss grey, PS10; Koldby cow hide rug in brown/white, PS180; Karlstad two seater sofa in Lindo beige, PS410 and Expedit shelving unit in high gloss grey, PS80.
The expedition was a joint project between outdoor clothing and equipment company Mammut, and Dedicam, a firm that specializes in using remote-controlled helicopters to shoot video.
Companies such as Mammut and Adidas Porsche Design have shown interest in textiles that are ecologically water repelling.
Meydan then, almost immediately, appointed Beijing-based China State Construction Engineering Corporation and local Mammut Building Systems to complete
5 -- The ground beneath your feet is set to undergo a makeover with the new Mammut and Blissart range of flooring options available through Ego Flooring Pvt.
The biggest attraction is Mammut, a wooden roller coaster that races through a huge saw mill.
The American Mastodon Mammut americanum in Mexico", en La Terra degliElefante, eds.
Eventually we arrived at the Club Mammut in Modena at 4.
11 August 2010 - Swiss industrial holding company Conzzeta (SWF: CZH) said today its sports equipment unit Mammut Sports will sell its Toko ski wax and care products business to Norwegian skiing equipment maker Swix Sport.
Swiss sporting goods company Mammut Sport Group will sell its ski wax and care business, Toko, to Norwegian sector firm Swix Sport in a move to focus on its sports products, Mammut said.
Marine mammal examples include bones from the genera Phoca and Odobenus, as well as various cetaceans; while terrestrial mammal examples include bones from the genera Mammut, Mammuthus, Rangifer, Tapirus, Cervalces (= Alces), Symbos, Bison, and Megalonyx (e.
As a specialty store McKenzie Outfitters' edge comes from offering brands that other retailers don't have, or have only a limited selection of, such as Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Mammut and Mountain Hardwear, Davin said.